Friday, October 31, 2014

telangana epass status 2014-15 tg state e pass scholarship status

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Telangana epass status 2014.

Epass status of Telangana only for 10 districts students’ Including Hyderabad epass scholarship details on Available on Telangana epass website. is a part of which replicated as and Telangana epass website.

For checking epass application status of Telangana you need to enter your epass application number before other details if you are don’t your epass application number kindly visit out epass application number founder this epass status 2014-15 website page.

I think may be this year epass scholarship scheme of Telangana change because Telangana CM wants to change everything to rebuild New Telangana. Also they are under process for Hyderabad as GPS or wifi City.

Also recently announced Total survey of Telangana and it’s held on 19th August 2014.  Any way we come to the point.
telangana epass status 2014-15 tg state e pass scholarship  status ts
telangana epass ts scholarship status

TS epass status 2014

When will the epass application starts on Telangana for the Academic year of 2014?  

For this question answer we can found only Telangana epass official website or any news from newspapers or TV channels.
 Students of telangana enjoy the new state.

After June 2 2014 all government websites of Andhra pradesh divided into states telangana and Andhra pradesh.KCR not invited Chandrababu Naidu on his celebration as first com for Telangana state.

Mostly students of telangana located in Hyderabad, karimnagar, warangal, Nalgonda, mahabubnagar only. out of 10 districts these are very competitive in government jobs.

how to check telangana epass status on

  • it's like same old epass website interface but the CM photo changed on right side of the epass website and logo also changed.
  • visit telangna epass website and and see our new cm KCR he is smiling in the logo of epass.
  • for how to check epass scholarship status visit main page this epass telangana website .

where to check telangana epass application status 2013-2014-15 year?

students you can ask us by commenting also don't forget to subscribe comments for get your answer.once your got answer about e pass scholarship questions you can unsubscribe easily.

use Mozilla Firefox to check your e pass status on this website otherwise use the websites above. also try right click back button.

check your epass status of telangana or tg state from below

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Click on Proceed to (unsafe) to check epass telangana status.
May be ap epass website also displays this Privacy error simple click on proceed to check ap epass application status